Hanasis Pos Hit

Back To Basics

Innovative in terms of appearance, HIT POS is designed to work well base on "Back to the basic" and be pleasing to use.More than that, We also strive for simplicity and functionality as much as we pursue beauty and emotional relevance-esthetic and poetic qualities that could help the owner express his or her individuality. HIT POS is no longer simple terminal, it become part of our life.

Usability Identity

HANASIS not only make a priority of user's utility but also preserve NIZON & HWPOS's certified skills. First of all, User can feel supreme handle -grip texture by curved and elliptical design while user use their POS. Besides, People can feel our thoughtful consideration by advanced "POWER BUTTON" accessibility and storage device's accessibility by changing it's position


Materials were selected to increase reliability and efficiency. Sturdy enhanced materials would make the product easy to clean by aesthetic stainless design. If the electrical parts followed a high quality specification then the product casings could remain attractive after years of use. The exclusive design of the HIT would also means that it can be kept longer by virtue of their good looks

Technical Specifications


CPU & Chipset Intel®Celeron® J1800 Dual Core(2.58 GHz 1M Cache)
Intel®Celeron® J1900 Quad Core (2.0GHz, 2M Cache)
System on chip (SoC)
Memory 2GB DDR3 1333MHz, SoDIMM (Up to 8GB)
Display 15", 1024 X 768, 24Bit, Luminance : 300 cd/㎡, Backlight : LED
Dual Display port 1EA HDMI, Intel® HD Graphics
USB 4EA(I/O)(USB3.0&2.0), 2EA (Rear) (USB 2.0)
OS supported POSReady7 / Windows 10 IoT / Linux / Android
Dimension(mm) 384(W) x 347(H) x 225(D) (Normal Angle, With Stand)