Quorion QMP 2000

QMP 2000 series takes the evolution of the electronic cash register to the next level by incorporating the latest technology standards. Choose from a variety of keyboards and high speed printers to suit your business; integrate and communicate with all the POS devices of your choice via an array of the latest interfaces such as USB, LAN, and RS232. The 32-bit embedded microprocessor guarantees you top of the line performance and power efficiency.

To illustrate, it includes popular features such as table management, floating cashiers, multiple price levels, mix & match, and comprehensive reports with clerk time attendance.

Technical Specifications


Processor 32-bit ARM966E
Working Memory 96 kB SRAM (battery buffered)
Departments up to 999
PLUs up to 55 000
Users up to 999
Keyboard 64 keys, 104 keys, or flat keyboard with 128 keys
Interfaces 2 x RS232 power output (5V), 1 x USB 2.0 type B, 1 x RJ11 9V
Operator Display LCD multi-line with blue backlight, 192 x 64 pixels, graphics capable
Customer Display LCD 2-line with blue backlight, 192 x 32 pixels, graphics capable
Printer High-speed-thermal-printer 58 with or without cutter or 80 mm with cutter